Spicer 6x4 transmission

I have never had the oppertunity to drive a twin stick mack transmission and I was wondering how they are setup. For example I have herd that the basic setup is a 5 or 6 speed main and a hi-lo-reverse secondary.

Rebuilt Spicer Transmissions

Is the hi-lo ment to split the gears? How does one shift progressivly through the gears?

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I saw one mack on ebay that had a real weird shift pattern that loked like an incomplete H shift pattern like this :. If you are very heavy or in a hole and need to climb out you would put the aux or compound box into "low" and use the main in 1st. After the truck is out of the hole mud etc So basicly its like splitting 1st gear in half with the aux box. However the shift from "low" to "direct" has to be done carefully as if the truck is still climbing out of a hole you likely will miss shift as the slow road speed will fall very quick.

A B model with a 20 speed or 18 speed depending on what you want to call it "Quad box" shifts diffrently. I dont know why you cant use 5th in direct and low split but I heard the gears are spining to fast of the ratios are so close its useless to use those gears.

Hate to argue with someone that's put as many miles on a B as Trent,but the proper way to shift a 2 stick Mack trans,is like this. In lo-lo you can shift up thru each of the main gears,but unless in severe conditions,these aren't used much. Otherwise you shift it just like a Triplex,1st lo,direct,hi,2nd lo,direct,hi,etc. The 13 speed Triplex and 18 speed Quad were considered double over transmissions and in 4th hi,you could shift directly into 5th hi.

You may be trying to be a nice guy and not confuse Trent, but once you get the hang of it, both sticks can and have been in neutral when going from 4 low to 3 high, 3 low to 2 high, etc. Guess I should have added "till you figger out what you are doing",but I think in this case I was safe in leaving it off.

The gear you get when both sticks are in neutral Ha Ha. I think everyone has hit double nothin' a time or two.Filter 3. Industry Truck Parts. Category Transmissions.

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spicer 6x4 transmission

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I've had a Spicer C trans for awhile and I'm thinking of putting it behind my 12 speed in my RDsx. Does anybody know if this would be a good combination? I really only want it for a lower 1st gear but the OD will also be nice because the truck tops out right now around 60mph. It has some bearing issues I've also got to deal with before the install. Does anybody know if parts are readily available?

The trans is a air shift. The model tag doesn't have a P though.

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Could be somebody swapped the top cover to air shift at one point. I've heard horror stories about parts for boxes like this. I don't know. My little box is working pretty well. The output is just starting to get damp after running it down the highway. I had one in my KW with a b behind a rto I put new bearings the box maybe four years ago. Don't remember where i got it but a kit was easy to find.

Well I need a mainshaft. Bearing went down where the main shaft and input shaft go together and it ate the bearing surface on the mainshaft. I took it apart Friday and noticed some marks on the gears but didn't think anything of it.

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Talked to a guy yesterday and he said the gears have to be timed during assembly. He said he put one together one time without timing it and it roared like crazy, he ended up taking it to a trans shop to fix it. I'm back on this project after a long wait. I've just been too busy to fool with it and with winter coming on I have some time.

In my search for the correct yokes to match my driveline, I ended up calling TTC the people who are now building the Spicer trans. Talked to a guy that seemed very knowledgeable on auxiliary transmissions. Anybody with real world experience with a Spicer care to chime in? The issue I called him about is my current driveline has yokes and the biggest available for a is a Click to Post a New Message!

Post: I have a stripped out differential AM and am trying to rebuild the transaxle. Does anyone have this part or a source for this part? Any recommendations to help with rebuild? Transaxle rebuild help I finally got my turf gator 4x2 transaxle rebuilt. If anyone needs a diagram or parts break-down I might beable to help. I have a great source for the internal parts and they are very reasonably priced.

Transaxle rebuild help tj, How hard was the rebuild and how much did it cost you? I've been offered a 90's model 4x2, the only catch is that the transmission has been taken apart and is in a box. The owner said it would only go in reverse after a while and took it apart with the intention of a rebuild, which didn't happen. If I decide to take this thing, I may need all the help you can give me! Thanks for the reply! Transaxle rebuild help i have a gator with a transmission cace bad, where the input bearing goes, i will need a lot of parts, but if you have a transmission, how much would take for it gene Reply Quote Reply Add Photo Share This.

Transaxle rebuild help Tony, I'm sorry, I don't check this post very often. I will need to see a picture of the transaxle that you are talking about. There were several diffent brands used and I'm only familiar with the one that is on my gator. My gator had a dana spicer transaxle and was fairly simple for me to rebuild.

Spicer (TTC) Transmissions For Sale

Transaxle rebuild help Gene, I purchased a complete transaxle off the internet thinking it was an exact replacement. However, the differential spline was the wrong size. I found a supplier for the parts.

However, it is difficult to find the corret part numbers. List of parts I ordered: 1 DA X differential assembly.Spicer transfer cases for industrial applications ensure maximum power in all transmission speeds. You get full torque capacity in both front and rear axles, plus all-purpose capability in rough environments and across a range of applications, including:. Spicer transfer cases give you the power of all-wheel drive, so you can take your trucks where the work is.

Across sand, mud, ice, or snow, you will have maximum power in all transmission speeds and in just about any off-highway application. Spicer transfer cases can be coupled directly to a Spicer auxiliary transmission, providing full torque capacity to both front and rear axles. In addition, Spicer transfer cases offer all-wheel drive when you need traction or additional power when you disconnect it. They are adaptable to meet midship mount, stationary, and direct mount applications, and they are also conventionally geared in a ratio with optional front-wheel disconnect, available in manual or air.

Expand the image below to see the Spicer transfer case features and benefits, or download the brochure on the right to see an overview of the various transfer case models that are available. Discover how Spicer transfer cases are part of a complete drivetrain solution for the industrial vehicles that you rely upon, and learn how Spicer parts have met exact Dana standards to become the most trusted name in off-highway applications. Category Axle Driveshaft Transmission Lubricants.

How to Use DanaAftermarket. Automotive Performance Commercial Off-Highway. Select Region. Transfer Cases. Literature Where To Buy Share. Transfer Case Parts List. All-Wheel Drive for Optimal Traction. Take your vehicles where the work is with the power of all-wheel drive. You get full torque capacity in both front and rear axles, plus all-purpose capability in rough environments and across a range of applications, including: Dump and block trucks Fire trucks Logging units Transit mixers Military vehicles Sweepers Oil and water drilling rigs Agriculture and mining rigs Spicer transfer cases give you the power of all-wheel drive, so you can take your trucks where the work is.

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spicer 6x4 transmission

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spicer 6x4 transmission

Engine Parts Misc.All models are available including older units. We sell all Spicer models. No matter what you need, we can deliver it to you fast! Big rig, semi truck, dump, over the road and industrial and off road truck transmissions for sale discount priced. We also stock the genuine and after market truck transmission parts you need to repair or rebuild any model.

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This process insures you receive a fully tested and inspected product, ready to install and operate for years to come. Each unit we remanufacture comes with a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty. Allison Transmission. Clark Transmission. Eaton Transmission. Fuller Transmission. Mack Transmission. Meritor Transmission. Rockwel Transmission. Spicer Transmission. Eaton transmission parts Fuller Transmission Parts. Our heavy duty truck distribution centers across America are stocked with professionally rebuilt Spicer Transmission models, ready to ship today.

Spicer transmission sales, rebuilding service and discount priced repair parts are all available. We stock a complete line of professionally remanufactured truck transmissions by Spicer, wholesale warehouse priced and delivered.

Rebuilt Spicer Transmissions.

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