Texas doodle ranch

If you are looking to welcome a puppy into your home as part of your family, this is the place to be! We have been uniting beautiful puppies with happy families since We are expecting a litter from both breeds in May ! We also anticipate more litters coming in the summer! We take pride in raising some of the best looking, healthiest pups you will find! We have become very fond of the wonderful traits that the doodle hybrids possess.

We have also enjoyed raising our pups, seeing them go to their new homes, and meeting new people. Our website stays up to date. Visit our Puppies link to see any available or upcoming Mini Bernedoodle and Cockapoo puppies. We have placed our pups in homes from New York to California, and even a few in Alaska… so getting them to you is not a problem. We also have Paypal available, so anyone can make a safe and easy deposit on your puppy through our website today!

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy seeing our babies!

Welcome to Texas Doodles

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions! This is known as an F1 Mini Bernedoodle, which is a first generation cross that is considered to be the healthiest of all Bernedoodle crosses. Our Mini Bernedoodles generally range from lbs full grown. Every Bernedoodle can have a slightly different coat. Most of them have a good blend from the parents that ends in a wavy coat that is typically low to non-shedding.

We expect our Miniature Cockapoos to weigh about lbs. The Cockapoo has a coat that combines different aspects of the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel coats. Our Cockapoos will be a variety of colors… you can see all of our parents and their beautiful colors on this website.

Available Mini Bernedoodles. Available Cockapoo Puppies.Our Doodle pack lives on acreage in Milam County where they have plenty of room to roam. They are intentionally exposed to children, dogs, cows, chickens, horses, bees and plenty of farm equipment including trucks and tractors.

Our puppies are provided the ideal environment from the day they are welcomed into our world by our loving family. Our dogs and pups live with us, in our home, where they are provided the necessary stimulation and attention for proper growth, development and socialization. Our Sires and Dames are carefully selected for temperament, coat quality and color and are DNA tested. All of our dogs are provided healthy, high quality diets at all stages of life and development.

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During pregnancy and whelping, our dams are fed an all-natural diet that consists primarily of our own special recipe of farm raised chicken and eggs antibiotic free of courseand a variety of our farm raised, canine appropriate, seasonal veggies grown right here at the ranch.

All of our dogs receive NuVet Plus vitamins which we have carefully selected based on the scientific studies we have reviewed. Our parent dogs receive a routine serving of bones, sourced locally, right here on the ranch. We control exactly what goes into our dogs, including our training treats, which we make from scratch out of chicken and bone meal. It is our goal to reproduce the best characteristics of this amazing breed. Combining the best tempered and most intelligent dog breeds with exceptional dietary choices, age appropriate exposures and human stimulus results in easily trained puppies with great temperaments.

Gus is my first dog. He has such a vibrant personality and loves everyone, especially kids. He will be the perfect therapy dog. Kirst R.

texas doodle ranch

We LOVE our doodle! Laddy is the sweetest, most patient, good with kids dog we could could have ever asked for. Bryan and Cora B. My dog Nollie is the love of my life. She has the perfect personality she's a playful fluffy cuddly mop and she settles down immediately. I couldn't have asked for a better pup.

So easy to train I think I'm going to make her a therapy dog, she's a natural! Karlee R. Brushy Creek Doodles.Heart of Texas Doodles. Call us: Welcome to Heart of Texas Doodles. Thank you for visiting Heart of Texas Doodles. We currently breed F1, F1B and multigenerational puppies. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies typically are Petite or Mini sizes, while are Cavapoo puppies are our smallest breed we offer coming in around lbs.

We also have infuse our Australian Labradoodles into our Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle program for optimum personality, trainability, health, coat, and color. Our puppies are raised in our home and are handled and loved on from the day they are born until the day they leave. We started our breeding program in and enjoyed every moment of it. Purchasing a puppy is a big moment in your life and we appreciate you considering us to find your new best friend. We will do everything we can to give you exactly what you are looking for in a puppy from color to size to personality.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question you may have or to start the process in finding your next family member! For more information please:.Dallas Doodle Ranch is a premier breeder of sheepadoodles. We are located in Northeast Texas. Through responsible and thoughtful breeding practices, we are offering quality puppies raised in home environments to families across the country.

Each pup has been well socialized and will have begun learning a few basic commands, with additional training available. Please take a few moments to browse our site and let us know if you have any questions!

Doodle dogs are highly intelligent. They inherit this quality from their parents. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Doodle dogs are overall very healthy due to their hybrid nature. Doodles shed and drool very little and are considered mostly hypo-allergenic. Doodles make great family dogs.

They are generally very good with children and love to play.

Puppies Available

Doodles' high intelligence and friendly nature make them ideal therapy dogs. We guarantee it. They are well balanced and socialized. You aren't locked into a particular litter and are free to choose the puppy that best fits your lifestyle.

Fill out our online application. After review, we'll contact you. Make a deposit to hold your puppy for you. After the litter is born, we'll help you pick the perfect puppy. Make arrangements to bring your puppy home! Grooming - Keeping you doodle's fur tangle free may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and routine, you can keep your dog looking her best!

Exercising Your Puppy - How much exercise does a puppy need each day and how much will that affect his endurance? How should you go about introducing exercise to your puppy?

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Crates and Exercise Pens - There are both pros and cons to using crates and ex pens. Learn the proper use of each in order to keep your puppy safe, happy, and well adjusted. Retractable Leashes - The theory behind the retractable leash may sound good, but there are hidden dangers.For the best Goldendoodles and Labradoodles from our Home to your Home! Find us on Facebook! Search "Doodle Ranch". If you were looking for LabradoodleRanch. Stay tuned for early June puppies Our Dulcie has had her puppies!!

All have been SOLD!! Curious about Doodles? I can not wait to tell you about OUR Doodles. Our puppies are from 2 excellent well-tested family pets. We use sires that are family dogs like ours. Their weights and heights will range depending on the parentage and the target size we are aiming for but their personalities and temperments will always be READY to join you and your family.

Ours is a family affair; we are not a "puppy farm". We are committed to every puppy born in our home and take excellent care of the newest members of our family from their first day. Our puppies are examined by our vet at days old, when the dewclaws are removed.

Our Moms live in our home and our Puppies are born in our home, interacting with both myself and our children, receiving love and care from us every day.

By the time they are ready to go home with you, they will be used to children and other dogs, and ready to go home and be a valuable member of your family. This, we believe, contributes with our health screening and testing to produce excellent socialization and affectionate happy puppies for you and hopefully many long years together. We take a great pride in our puppies, and we love sharing information about these wonderful Labradoodles.

Learn more, and see what others are saying about us on our Testimonials Page. Email ME! Upcoming Puppies. Goldendoodle's Page. Guarantee Info. Guardian Page. Testimonials Page.Hey friend, welcome! Learn more about us, shop pet products, or see "The Latest Puppies" to find the puppy of your dreams!

At Hidden Acres Puppies, our mission is creating memories and best friends. Allow us to walk you through finding the newest member of your family! Our available puppies change constantly.

We are a small scale, family operated dog kennel, specializing in Goldendoodles and other designer breeds. Check out the rest of our story below! We are honored to have hundreds of highly satisfied clients, with dozens of 5-Star reviews on Facebook alone! Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Find Your Puppy. Pet Products.

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Feeding Your Puppy. Our specialty is the Goldendoodle, the result of crossing the ever popular Golden Retriever with the equally distinguished Standard Poodle. Meet Our Dogs. The Latest puppies Our available puppies change constantly. Upcoming Litters 2 Products.

texas doodle ranch

Mini Goldendoodles 2 Products. Our Story We are a small scale, family operated dog kennel, specializing in Goldendoodles and other designer breeds. Read More.

Family Raised Mini Bernedoodle & Cockapoo Puppies

We love our little New Years pup! Norma and friends are so wonderful. They are very accommodating and answered all my questions no matter how crazy! So thankful to have found Norma at hidden acres. She was so helpful!

And our puppy is just the best addition to our family. Walker is 8 months old now and is just the sweetest!Congratulations Loyless Family on your 3rd puppy from goldendoodleranch! Congratulations Lundeen Family on your 2nd puppy with Goldendoodleranch! Congratulations Chu Family on your 2nd puppy with Goldendoodleranch! Congratulations Hartman Family on your 2nd puppy from goldendoodleranch!

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Congratulations Arsdale family on your 2nd puppy with us! Congratulations Childs Family! Congratulations Dossey Family! Congratulations Howard Family! Congratulations Styron Family! Congratulations Hanyzewski Family! Congratulations Cortez Family! Congratulations Tram Family! Congratulations Martinsen Family! Congratulations Agardy Family! Congratulations Kercher Family!

Congratulations Resound Family! Congratulations Cambell Family! Congratulations Delahoussaye Family! Congratulations Dennis Family!

Goldendoodleranch has Gorgeous Goldendoodles!

Congratulations Psifidis family! Congratulations Hulse Family! Congratulations Fowler Family on your 2nd puppy with us! Congratulations Dewoody Family!

Tater Tot at her Texas Ranch

Congratulations Workman Family! Congratulations Howel Family! Congratulations McMurry Family!

texas doodle ranch

Congratulations Whidden Family!

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